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Advanced Security Practitioner – SME

I just completed another SME engagement for CompTIA in the frozen wasteland they call Chicago in January.  It was the first time I have seen a temperature of 22 degrees while raining.  It turns out this was my 14th SME engagement for CompTIA going all the back to like 2009.  This event was for the Advanced Security Practitioner certification.  The material is VERY complex and the people there are lazer sharp in their areas of expertise, CompTIA staff included.  I always learn something at these events.  Until last week I had never even heard of STIX / TAXII.  I’d like to develop a follow up blog on STIX / TAXI because it will have profound effect on the managed services industry it becomes widely implemented.

Review?  Had fun.  Learned a lot.  Melted brain.



CompTIA CASP Certification




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