About Steven Slawson: A Brief Introduction

As the founder of Stonewatch Security, I consider myself a technology executive who has a wealth of experience managing IT and security solutions. My project management skills allow me to design and build NIST-based security programs that meet regulatory compliance objectives. Some of my core strengths include architecture, risk management, auditing, and program management.

I am a capable speaker who can deliver cybersecurity presentations at any level. My goal is to make complicated technology and security concepts easier for people to understand. I believe that security is best defined as an ongoing business process that is designed to manage risks.

I feel privileged to have experience in tactical security, particularly during my stint in the United States Marine Corps, where I spent most of my time in Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA). In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to hold high-level security clearances, including those classified as a top secret.

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